22 Things I Wanna Say~



I find you beautiful. I love your humour, you know how to love, you wish to be challenged, you hurt so much yet you try to keep it all in. -Sean

Dora. -Janirah

A dictionary does not have an accurate description of you. -Ju Nice

You’re very kind, sweet and caring about others, especially those close to you. You’re fun to be with/talk to, we can get wild and stupid or tell each other what’s bothering each other. Words are your passion and I’ll admit I sometimes have to Google the words you use :P. It goes without saying that you’re very smart and one hell of a girl, and one hell of a friend. Well, magnet. -Daniel

Well, Mon is super nice and kind, not the average woman you’d meet (in a positive way of course), but you will pay the price if you upset her, all in all, she’s the type of person you want to be friends with. -Nik

I think you’re someone with a kind heart, you care too much at times. I think you’re a deep thinker, someone who sticks to their beliefs and convictions. You’re a lover, someone who yearns to love. I think you’re goofy and love to laugh, and I think you like to learn. -Dustin

You’re a lovely paradox. – J

A great person and friend. -You (#shamelesspersonclaimingtobeyournewfoundfriend)

I am the kind of dudette who would never be good at introducing herself. I leave that to the people who have met me. I am a narcissistic sarcastic but I am nice. Trust me, I am. *insert a happy face of me here* I’m Monagin. Hi there, nice to meet you!

Fun facts about me before you dive right into my crazy world of madness and before you join the tea party (that is, assuming you decide to read this first before my blog posts):

  1. Bananas are the best fruit there is!
  2. I hate filters, but I use them anyway. Yep, I’m inconsistent. Because I’m human!
  3. I am a Potterhead and if you dare say you hate Ronald Weasley and you’re basing your judgment only on the films, prepare for hell.
  4. Sarcasm is cool, innit?
  5. I’m extraordinarily ordinary.
  6. I don’t need a man. But I do listen to Tori Kelly’s ‘Dear No One’ every once in a while.
  7. 22 years old and yet I still act like a teenager. Pft. Age is perspective and wisdom is not measured by it.
  8. I have no patience. I can’t believe I enjoy writing. Writing is a job not for the impatient.
  9. Singing. I’m not good at it – but I constantly do it.
  10. J… warms my heart the way nobody else can.
  11. Dissecting frogs are awesome-sauce! Until they leap out of the cooker when you try to boil them. They’re nasty leapers.
  12. I drink. Mostly when I am so full of emotions. I don’t think I’d ever smoke though. It’s just not my thing.
  13. Poetry is chess. Chess is art. Life is a poem.
  14. I don’t comb my hair…. even when at a wedding.
  15. Compliments go both ways, my friend. You’re just as good – if not better – as me.
  16. I am kind. TRUST ME. I really am.
  17. A frustrated psychologist/forensics agent/private investigator/prince/knight in shining armour/hatter/fairy tail character/Weasley family member and a whole lot more.
  18. I live to tell my tale through poems.
  19. Bananas and potatoes go well together, I suppose. We do, right. Cute potato?
  20. I’m very rarely speechless. #talkativeme
  21. I’m stupid and foolish. In short, I do have my moments. I’m entitled to it! Help me try to keep it at a minimum.
  22. If everything starts with a lie, mine would be: “I don’t fall in love too easily.”