My Bittersweet Memories

Stories by Mon Dets

What this blog means to me

This place is where time is not of essence.





Everything here is possible.


One could describe this place, an escape from reality. But to someone like me, this place is reality.


Fantasy, a necessary ingredient in living, Dr. Seuss says. He also adds, it enables him to laugh at realities of life. And I agree. For it is only in lies, we truly see the truth. It is only when confronted with darkness, we yearn for the light. And only in times of peril do we see what really matters.


Ironies. Life is full of it.


But in what other way would we see, really?

Join the madness...

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” 

– Forrest Gump

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"If and When"

If is good. If is okay.

But is not enough.

Not like when.

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"Having them as my friends"

Me: Can’t I have … like… 5 months of stupidity over a guy?

Luke: No! That’s shit. Even for you. You are smarter than that!

Me: Fine. It’s hard though.

Jebsen: Do you want me to talk?

Me: Shut up.

Luke: You are an emotional piece of shit!

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"why I write about ‘reality’"

I think writing stories serves a dual purpose; one for the writer and one for the reader. The writer, writing what she knows, is in the act simultaneously remembering, reflecting, and revising the lessons and morals of her life.

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The bipolar schizophrenic side of me. Words of wisdom from a mature and immature standpoint. But really, just chocolates. 

Hope you enjoy reading them just as I did writing them!