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    A Monologue… Of Sorts

    The curtain opens and a person speaks. “The shortest poem I know, is of E.E. Cummings. A leaf falls. A letter for every line and the letter S gliding like a falling leaf. A lovely poem depicting truth. Reality and poetry embodied in one sentence. Our teacher explained that poetry is life. And that life is poetry. She said the whole of life is a poem and poets and storytellers only capture snippets. I know very little about life, I admit. And I am not ashamed to say it. I know that I am all too naive for most of those who hear this. But I am not voiceless. So…

  • For When he Finds Her​
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    “For When He Finds Her”

    Somehow, being away from it all will give me closure. Somehow, some way I will make it through and accept the truth. It will not be easy, yes. But knowing he is happy will make me happy too. I thank him for all he has done. I thank him for all the memories we have shared and will continue to share. Although this time, I will no longer be bothered with the trivial stuff . What we had, whatever it was, was fun while it lasted. I will always care. Always. Somehow, knowing he is happy, will be enough.

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    Short Stories

    Numbered Calls

    My name is Anna Diaz. I hate love stories. I don’t believe in destiny or fate. But I will tell you a story. A story of fate and destiny. A love story. I am not the protagonist of this story, nor was I present during the time of this story’s happening. I am merely a narrator. This a story of boy meets girl. But this has no happy ending. WHY? Life got in the way. It all began on Valentine’s Day. 9PM. The girl was sitting on her couch looking at the snow across the street. The boy was home, watching the news he had missed earlier that evening. It…

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    The sound of a certain person’s voices can be a melody. A beautiful young woman’s voice as she smiles and flirts with you is a melody of attraction and possibility. An honest laugh is an irresistible melody of sweet notes. – Someone who shall not be named

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    Start and don’t ever stop. No matter where your journey takes you. No matter how swollen your ego, or your soles are. Keep on keepin’ on and go wherever the wind blows you. So if you ever think you’re lost and want to come back, just follow your feet. They will lead you home. Just take that step and never regret it. Be eager and brave to face the unknown. Because in life the only ones able to miss, are the ones brave enough to take the shot in the first place.  

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    “Wanting” You

    Every waking moment has been whether I’m going to look at the other side of my bed and find you there. Every sleepless night – – wondering if you couldn’t sleep because you’re thinking of me too. Every joyous evening – – one spent entirely with you. Behind every photo is a yearning for more than just your like. I want you. Your heart. Your love. Your days. Your nights. You. Me. Us. I want us.