Agusan del Sur

Watching the trees that line the hills
The sky changes its hue
The musky air I feel as we go from zero to sixty
and drive for hours on end
stopping only for gas and/or food
The vehicles we pass by on the road, the people we see on the road
The conversations we come up with just to stay awake
My brother’s playlist
Ed Sheeran songs as we drive by beautiful scenery
Driving – noticing the sunset
The ’keep distance’ stickers I see
The silent yet calming atmosphere knowing you are almost home, wherever home is for you.
Speeding by and overtaking trucks and other automobiles
Away from the busy city
but not away from civilization
No internet connection
but lots of people to hang out with
Never running out of things to do
The Television is a friend
ALWAYS eating
constantly smiling
Simple living, simple life
No complications
Not that many
Yellow headlights and red taillights
Bumps on the road
Good company and good conversations
Best feeling one can have to escape

The road to my home away from home is filled with thoughts of calm anticipation.


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