I Write Because…

I write because I have to because people like you ought to hear my words, because I am someone who wants to be heard. I write because of the bees, I write to save them from dying. Like my fragile little ego, he crushed. I have to write to save[…]

MOBAs and the Promise of a Good Year

It’s January 8th. That means just a week until the next payday! And I can’t wait to share with you what I have in store for my year. It’s almost the middle of the month and I plan on finishing my new year’s resolution list before then. So back to[…]

New beginnings? No. New Efforts? Yes.

New beginnings? Not exactly. I’d still be doing the same thing. Still, wake up in the same bed and eat in the same dining table with the same family members, family pet and go home to the same rusty and ragged house. I will still go do work for the[…]

New Year Post: How 2017 Went for Me

It’s 2018. You know what this means? Another year has ended and another one has begun. It means it’s been months since I’ve written anything publicly and this also means my birthday is coming up in 5 months! Hahah. As with any of you guys who did year-end posts, I[…]

I G(i)ave Up

It’s a chilly night out. I’ll get to confessing the unvarnished truth of my struggle. I gave up. I gave up at one point. Or at the very least, because you are reading this, I was so close to giving up. Drinking all alone at night, watching movies trying to[…]

Who She Really Is

I suck at phrasing. So… here goes. She’s a mystery, that’s for sure. How you go about her, that’s all up to you. She’s a spindle, she’s a dame. But she’ll never just twirl for you or always be in distress. She’s a keeper, she’s a catch. She’s all the[…]

The Last Minute NO and My Frustration

Don’t you just love it when your friends remember you when they come across something on the internet? I know I do. I love it when friends tag me to comment on how I’d probably love whatever it is that they found on the internet. It is also particularly funny[…]

Two Things… AND Two More

Me: So… here we are. TWO. But, two what? Mona: Two things I rarely do even though I should (technically) always do them? Pft. Easy, I almost always never fix my hair and I almost always never wear make-up. For 21 years of existence, the only times I have worn[…]

One Amazing Fact about my Name

Ever had that feeling when people say your name wrong? I’ve had enough of it! I’m settling it once and for all. Hey y’all! Call me Monagin. No, not Mona. People always say “Lisa” after that. My name is Monagin. You may call me Mona, but not Mona Lisa. Okay?[…]