A Nonsensical Weird Love Story

Author’s note: Here’s a challenge one of my friends had for me. I did it late though, because I suck at this. HAHA! I present to you this nonsensical weird love story I thought of on the fly. So here it goes, a story of how I gained my heart[…]

Sunrises and Sunsets

They all look the same, he told her. I mean, yeah  – they do. But don’t tell me you haven’t for one instance, watched a beautiful sunset by the beach – she didn’t even get to finish her sentence. You know I’m not a beach person. He remarked. Not giving[…]

The Cursor

She stared at her empty screen – the blinking cursor taunting her. Come on, write. Write something! I thought you said you said you had so many thoughts you wanna write about! Goddamnit, she thought. I have nothing. I need something! But she knows she can’t do anything about it.[…]