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        1. I’m happy and sad that such a sad piece of art has inspired you. And, haha. We both found a new hobby! I don’t do metered poems or haiku mostly too but for some strange reason I wanted to try it out. Thanks for the compliment.

      1. and sorry to hear of your breakup. I really wish people realised that love isn’t a game of cards–there aren’t meant to be winners and and losers. I know it sounds lame on the internet because there are so many people on here, but I believe each individual really matters to a personal, caring Creator who knows us and thinks about us, can even relate to our pain because he became one of us.
        I just gushed online, what is happening to me…
        Keep up the art. It’s strangely inspiring

        1. It’s not my break up, to be quite honest, but a friend’s. But nevertheless, thank you for the support. And love is not a game. I like how you are specific to cards about it, because that’s just how people view things now, one-sided. There never really is a winner or a loser when dealing with matters of the heart.
          And, don’t worry about gushing on here. By all means, gush all you want! Thanks for the compliment once again.

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