MvL to SS (The Battle he Won)

Walks towards the stage. Goes up to the microphone. Testing one, two, three. Tapping the mic afterward. It’s been two years since he came to the WordPress community. We started at WP around the same time but met in August because of the daily prompts. I found his hilarious take on the day’s prompt, “Obvious” and he made a comment on mine. I wrote about my fascination with Sherlock Holmes. I became an instant fan after that. And though a month or so behind, I started reading all his posts. Yep. From the very first one until I caught up with him. It was easy. He posted once a day, maybe twice. I had all the time I needed to catch up to at least 30 posts. I learned so much from him and so much about him. I found it really cool that someone had a unique agenda for writing. At the time, he was in a bad breakup and writing was his therapy. And I found it curiously interesting; his handle. ManVsLoneliness.

MVL'S Anniv

Genius, right? We all battle with it. But he had his agenda for choosing that name. The dogged, systematic way of voting every day if Man won or Loneliness did. Some days, I found myself excited about the scores. Of whether how close the battle would be. The struggle to conquer demons every single day, that’s something worth reading and so I did. Along with so many followers, I read snippets about his life. Laughed when it was funny, got mad, got sad. I didn’t mind that the post could take days to finish reading (HarHar) because of how much you get to pick up on after an article. You either learn something new about the writer, or you come to understand yourself better. A year ago, he finally graduated from ManVsLoneliness to SingleGuySays. No longer battling with Loneliness, he has so much to do. So many things to try. It’s hard not to be jealous of his lavish lifestyle, mind you. Watching (Reading) his journey is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and I’m very happy to have lived vicariously in his writings. His story is a fascinating tale of a man battling his own loneliness after being left behind – and winning. It was more than that, actually. Definitely more. It was that of how food can teach us so many things about culture, love, relationships; that of how deceit is just a part of the adventure; and that sometimes, man buns are too much for a grown man to handle. No matter where he goes, just the right flavor of both wisdom and silliness go with him. Now you might be wondering… why the hell am I posting and writing about him? Is it all because of a Facebook post from last year? Yes. That. Why am I promoting (am I, really? The man can sell a broken clock to anyone) this man I met over a blog post? Well…I have not met him yet. I haven’t seen him in person although I have had the tremendous pleasure of hearing his voice over the phone one night. In his own words, “I am glad to finally have a voice to match the face.” But you see… often in our lives, we meet people who change us. Often in our lives, we meet people that teach us a lot. Rarely though, does it happen online – in this vast nothingness we call the internet do we meet someone we truly connect with, or at the very least someone who bothers to stay connected. Hahah. So in a way, I wrote this because Facebook reminded me that 2 years ago, I met someone who I’ve bonded with over lots of things. Someone who has challenged me to be a better version of myself (still waiting on the result for this) and has made my blogging experience great. I sincerely apologize for the sappiness. For those of you who have not heard (read) his story, I sure hope you start from the beginning. This man’s journey is nothing short of ordinary. How ManVsLoneliness slowly became SingleGuySays and if he does have the time in the future, (NoLongerSingleGuySays). He hasn’t written anything new yet, and his last post was about a date. He’s doing Netflix and chill now guys. He’s doing better! Makes you wonder whether SingleGuySays may be short-lived, unlike ManVsLoneliness. A round of applause to my friend, Jerel!

Author’s Note: Anyhoo, I was so excited to see the Facebook “On This Day” reminder I didn’t even realize it’s been too long since I started blogging. Time flies.

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  1. Thanks so much for this post. My ears are burning from you speaking of me so highly. Hahah. I of course appreciate that you’ve gained so much from my own not-so-private musings, but mostly I am beyond grateful to have had the same opportunity to meet someone so singularly captivating, enchanting, and engaging. MvL and SS gave me the outlet I needed to process my own thoughts but it’s given me so much more in you. Wherever my writings have been or will go, I’m just glad to know you’ll be along the way. Cheers to your own growth and progress.

    1. Thanks for this wonderful morning greeting! And duh… Who wouldn’t speak so highly of you? The compliment goes both ways, J. Just as you say I’m captivating, enchanting, and engaging, you are in many ways, that too. It’s actually been quite a ride, huh? I find that no matter how jealous I get of the way you live your life, I also learn more about me and what I need to improve upon in my life as well. I’m just as equally glad as you to know that someone’s there to listen (read). One audience is enough, right? Cheers to the seemingly parallel lives we lead. And to hell with the ocean in between.

      Let it be known. I am crazy about this man. Hahah!

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