Thank you. No. “THANK YOU!”

Good day. I would like to welcome you to this year’s annual thanksgiving party. Anyways, this year, we honor those that shared their time and devotion to the branch. This year, we say thanks to those that deserve the “thanks” they are owed. So let me start the occasion with[…]

Sunrises and Sunsets

They all look the same, he told her. I mean, yeah  – they do. But don’t tell me you haven’t for one instance, watched a beautiful sunset by the beach – she didn’t even get to finish her sentence. You know I’m not a beach person. He remarked. Not giving[…]

New Year Post: How 2017 Went for Me

It’s 2018. You know what this means? Another year has ended and another one has begun. It means it’s been months since I’ve written anything publicly and this also means my birthday is coming up in 5 months! Hahah. As with any of you guys who did year-end posts, I[…]