Thank you. No. “THANK YOU!”

Good day. I would like to welcome you to this year’s annual thanksgiving party. Anyways, this year, we honor those that shared their time and devotion to the branch. This year, we say thanks to those that deserve the “thanks” they are owed. So let me start the occasion with[…]

I G(i)ave Up

It’s a chilly night out. I’ll get to confessing the unvarnished truth of my struggle. I gave up. I gave up at one point. Or at the very least, because you are reading this, I was so close to giving up. Drinking all alone at night, watching movies trying to[…]

The Last Minute NO and My Frustration

Don’t you just love it when your friends remember you when they come across something on the internet? I know I do. I love it when friends tag me to comment on how I’d probably love whatever it is that they found on the internet. It is also particularly funny[…]