Sunrises and Sunsets

They all look the same, he told her. I mean, yeah  – they do. But don’t tell me you haven’t for one instance, watched a beautiful sunset by the beach – she didn’t even get to finish her sentence. You know I’m not a beach person. He remarked. Not giving[…]

MvL to SS (The Battle he Won)

Walks towards the stage. Goes up to the microphone. Testing one, two, three. Tapping the mic afterward. It’s been two years since he came to the WordPress community. We started at WP around the same time but met in August because of the daily prompts. I found his hilarious take[…]

We’re Famished. Yep.

Poetry does wonders to those who hear it. In the olden days, men and women were chosen to read passages to their visitors as a form of entertainment. I’d like to think I have always been partial to spoken performances of things that I’d rather prefer are written. But I[…]

Happiness in Sadness

Yesterday was so frustrating. Friends who follow me on Twitter know that I did an unexpected overtime at work yesterday. I was so hungry and after calling at least 4 stores, Bon Chon was open and still delivered food. Despite the anger of having to wait until closing to finish[…]

I G(i)ave Up

It’s a chilly night out. I’ll get to confessing the unvarnished truth of my struggle. I gave up. I gave up at one point. Or at the very least, because you are reading this, I was so close to giving up. Drinking all alone at night, watching movies trying to[…]

The Last Minute NO and My Frustration

Don’t you just love it when your friends remember you when they come across something on the internet? I know I do. I love it when friends tag me to comment on how I’d probably love whatever it is that they found on the internet. It is also particularly funny[…]

One Amazing Fact about my Name

Ever had that feeling when people say your name wrong? I’ve had enough of it! I’m settling it once and for all. Hey y’all! Call me Monagin. No, not Mona. People always say “Lisa” after that. My name is Monagin. You may call me Mona, but not Mona Lisa. Okay?[…]