A Nonsensical Weird Love Story

Author’s note: Here’s a challenge one of my friends had for me. I did it late though, because I suck at this. HAHA! I present to you this nonsensical weird love story I thought of on the fly. So here it goes, a story of how I gained my heart[…]

The Reason is ‘You’

You’re the reason for the tears I desperately try to hide from my pillows. You’re the reason I hug my pillow so tight and put one leg over it. You’re the reason I sleep in an uncomfortable position. You’re the reason I’m hurting. You frustrate me. You’re irresistible. You ignore[…]

Agusan del Sur

Watching the trees that line the hills The sky changes its hue The musky air I feel as we go from zero to sixty and drive for hours on end stopping only for gas and/or food The vehicles we pass by on the road, the people we see on the[…]

We’re Famished. Yep.

Poetry does wonders to those who hear it. In the olden days, men and women were chosen to read passages to their visitors as a form of entertainment. I’d like to think I have always been partial to spoken performances of things that I’d rather prefer are written. But I[…]

Who She Really Is

I suck at phrasing. So… here goes. She’s a mystery, that’s for sure. How you go about her, that’s all up to you. She’s a spindle, she’s a dame. But she’ll never just twirl for you or always be in distress. She’s a keeper, she’s a catch. She’s all the[…]

Two Things… AND Two More

Me: So… here we are. TWO. But, two what? Mona: Two things I rarely do even though I should (technically) always do them? Pft. Easy, I almost always never fix my hair and I almost always never wear make-up. For 21 years of existence, the only times I have worn[…]


Fool. Lover. Human. I loved you and noone else. I miss you so much.