Agusan del Sur

Watching the trees that line the hills The sky changes its hue The musky air I feel as we go from zero to sixty and drive for hours on end stopping only for gas and/or food The vehicles we pass by on the road, the people we see on the[…]

It’s Important

Silence is important. Silence is needed. The angel to the devilish chatter. Silence is all I live for. The sound you hear when the day is gone, and the stars are seen. The sound you hear in empty corridors and hollow spaces. It’s all I need right now, not the[…]

We’re Famished. Yep.

Poetry does wonders to those who hear it. In the olden days, men and women were chosen to read passages to their visitors as a form of entertainment. I’d like to think I have always been partial to spoken performances of things that I’d rather prefer are written. But I[…]


Happiness is a tricky feeling; An emotion only the bearer can define. From the most minute accomplishment – to the grandest celebrations. People are happy even when sad, or in the middle of war and famine. Smiles are still seen once in a while, because amidst death – there’s life.[…]

Tangled Stem and Roots

In a web of society, she found her principles tested. Her primary concerns deflected towards those of her enemies. She and her colleagues played along until they couldn’t anymore. Her death was what brought them to their senses. She had a sturdy stem up until they strangled her. And all[…]

The Artist’s Poetry

In shock and disbelief, I looked out the window at night, The sun had set and yet I couldn’t believe it’s no longer the most beautiful phenomenon I’d seen. I couldn’t believe how the sky changing colors, was upstaged by a single smile so bright darkness became nonexistent. You stood[…]

Who She Really Is

I suck at phrasing. So… here goes. She’s a mystery, that’s for sure. How you go about her, that’s all up to you. She’s a spindle, she’s a dame. But she’ll never just twirl for you or always be in distress. She’s a keeper, she’s a catch. She’s all the[…]