Thank you. No. “THANK YOU!”

Good day.
I would like to welcome you to this year’s annual thanksgiving party.
Anyways, this year, we honor those that shared their time and devotion to the branch. This year, we say thanks to those that deserve the “thanks” they are owed. So let me start the occasion with the simple and enormous gratitude towards you for staying and reading this letter. I sincerely hope you are still here until the very last period.
Thank you. You who opens the branch on time (well, mostly on time, it was just opened late just once) and for making sure that by the time the buyers come through the door, they aren’t kissed by cobwebs or dust.
Thank you. You who keep the floors clean. Cleaner than some distributors’ conscience, that is. Sure, there are times when someone occasionally comes first and the entire branch isn’t open yet but thank you for still trying to be cordial. Greeting them with the appropriate greeting and gesture they should hear. Not telling them, “We’re open by 10AM not 8AM, bitch.” Of course, you don’t say that. You have attitude. Unlike some. You were taught in a school. You have dignity. And patience. I truly thank you.
Thank you. You who makes sure that the bills are paid on time (although one time, the finance department forgot to pay the internet bill – that was a nightmare). Thank you for USING YOUR OWN MONEY AND PREPAID LOAD to send REPORTS to people who will hardly ever know you – people who have already labeled you, someone from that branch – as AS of that branch, or OS of that branch or cashier of that branch. Yeah, well. What do you expect? It’s a large company.  Not everybody will get to know each other. However, one wonders… if we constantly email each other, we should at least know someone’s name, right? Huh, guess not. Still, thank you!
Thank you. You who always makes sure that the money is where it should be. Safe and away from the prying dirty feet of cockroaches. For always depositing sales early. No matter how small it may be. Thank you for BEING HONEST with the money. Thank you for NOT STEALING FROM THE COMPANY. Yes. Thank you for being a professional.
Thank you. You who makes sure that the distributors, the buyers, get the right product that they bought! That’s the most important thing! That they get what they came to the store for! Thank you for the constant checking of the inventory; the auditing of reports; and the manual counting of papers … the glossy papers known as magazines, flyers, catalogs, and price lists. The company will run out of business if those glossy papers are miscounted! God forbid if anything happens to those pouch bags too! Who knows how much loss the company will suffer from! And counting those cartons too – I gotta thank you for counting those boxes. They are so hard to count! I wonder how you even get your job done so easily because it seems so hard!
Thank you. You who packs the packages and the products neatly. Thank you for making sure the cloud creams, facial cleansers, and soaps don’t get damaged. Thank you for always letting us know if new deliveries are coming in for PRODUCTS THAT ARE ALMOST ALWAYS SOLD OUT AFTER A DAY. network-marketing-workplace-goodmorning-haveagoodonepeeps-👍-14195001Thank you for not complaining no matter how long the live Facebook video lasts and you have to hide at the back office like some crook – lights turned off – because it would affect the lighting. Thank you. You who holds the camera so distributors could pose with the thousands and thousands worth of products they bought for their faces and skin. Products that have made their faces beautiful. Products that made their SKIN… LOOK BEAUTIFUL. You too, have a beautiful face. You too, have a beautiful soul. A far more beautiful one.
Thank you. You who helps distributors when their checks arrive. For the many, many, times you have helped distributors who for some reason don’t have valid and current IDs to present. Thank you for not getting angry when distributors hurl insults at you! If anything, those insults just make you more eager to help the distributor in fixing their problem. Of course you can go ahead and complain to the head office department! The staff are the ones in charge of delivering the checks to you! Did I not mention that? The staff should have hounded LBC to just deliver it ASAP! The staff should have lifted the entire world – because the commission check was underneath it. Thank you for taking in every insult and angry phone call like the way you take your breakfast – with a smile.
Thank you for being so kind and generous. Thank you for always thinking of the many distributors who won’t get their orders and products without you to assist them. Thank you for always being there to help them count their millions – and as if they aren’t done shoving their moneys to your faces enough; they go ahead and buy you food for your “troubles”. As if buying food for the staff would mean they are good people. But nevertheless, you help, you greet them with a smile and hand them out their orders.
Thank you. You who always puts your job first before your VERY OWN FAMILY. Thank you for coming to work even though your body just really wants to cave in because of your asthma. Thank you for coming to work even without any real thing to do. Thank you for working on holidays! Thank you for working on Holy Week, and on labor day, and on Independence day. Most especially, thank you for working even when it’s your child’s family day and your child absolutely needs you there at the PTA meeting and culmination program. You understand that work is more important than your kid. Work MUST definitely come first than your own blood and your own health, right?
Thank you for not peeing on the chairs – any of the chairs. Thank you for NOT USING THE SECOND FLOOR as often as you’d like because God forbid… the company won’t be able to handle the expenses. The electricity bill will shoot off the roof! I mean, they barely got through the internet bill and the guard’s paycheck on time! Well, the guard’s pay was always late anyway. I think we all just got used to it at one point. Still, thank you for being a gallant PROFESSIONAL who always keeps your own opinions to yourself.
Thank you for not breaking the door handles … the one on the women’s CR was unintentional. That one had it coming. It was either it breaks, or the poor cashier dies of suffocation inside. But you probably don’t care about the cashier. I mean… repairing the handle was costly! She should have just climbed her way out the window! Gosh. That was a frightening day for all of us. The expenses! The horror!
Thank you for the pay. The amazing pay that NEVER ARRIVES LATE. The pay that is so worth it. The pay that IS ABOVE MINIMUM and yet somehow, can’t help build a family – can’t feed a family – can’t start a family. Thank you for the money that puts food on the table. Thank you for putting smiles in our faces. FORCED smiles. Thank you for the discount! Not as much as the distributor’s but at least there is. It’s the thought that counts. Thoughts help us feed our hungry bellies. Thoughts help us send our children to school.
Thank you for the time, and dedication. Thank you for staying up later than necessary to close up. Thank you for always thinking of the good of the company however the company thinks of you. Thank you for the understanding. Thank you for understanding you have to stay another 3 more hours to finish reports because it hurts like hell to send the sales report early in the morning.
Thank you. You who gave your talents, skills, and expertise to the company. Thank you to the entire family. Thank you for the experience.
I finally have something to share at the dinner table. 

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