The Cursor

She stared at her empty screen – the blinking cursor taunting her. Come on, write. Write something! I thought you said you said you had so many thoughts you wanna write about!
Goddamnit, she thought. I have nothing. I need something!
But she knows she can’t do anything about it. If the words aren’t coming, they aren’t coming. She heaves down a huge sigh of disappointment to herself and picks up her phone.
1 new message.
Hi, how’s it been?
She’s not going to reply. She has had enough of men chatting her up only to leave her halfway or become uninteresting halfway into the conversation.
I need someone like Richard. I need someone who can make me smile while he texts me. Someone who will get me excited every time I hear my phone beep. Someone who knows just what to say. A guy that can make me stay up late at not regret it the following morning.
Someone …someone like Richard.
She has Richard. Richard, the guy she met at a coffee shop.
One vanilla milk tea, please. Extra pearls. She said to the lady at the counter. The lady punched in her order and she went to find a seat to wait for her order. No seat was empty so she looked for a vacant corner near the counter and waited.
Then she saw him – Richard. The tall, dark, and handsome guy she had been chatting with for over a year now. The man she met at an online conference. A fellow nerd for anime and comics. And crime stories. Richard went into the shop and she called out to him. “Hey!”
Life is weird. You meet weird people. And then you fall into mutual weirdness and then call it love. Someone said that she thought to herself. Was it Dr Seuss? She was about to search for the quote and verify her hunch when her phone rang again.
1 new message
You busy? Look at this video! It’s funny!
She can see the thumbnail is that of the Harry Potter character she adores. It’s probably something I saw already.
As if on cue, another ping.
It’s new! It just got posted. So don’t you dare think you have seen this video already. 🙂
Fine, she thought. You sure are persistent.
She opens the video and watches it. A montage of all Ron Weasley clips saying “Bloody Hell”.
Yep, I haven’t seen this. The scenes though… I have seen them. Geez.
She put her phone down and stared back into the taunting cursor again.
Still. Nothing. Not a thing.
Frustrated, she finally got up her chair and went to bed.
Turned the lights off and slept.

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